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South Waikato Funeral Services


There is no Crematorium in the South Waikato District. Cremations are carried out at any one of the Crematoriums in Hamilton, Rotorua or Taupo. The practice of Private Cremation after a local Funeral and committal service has become the most common choice for families and unless otherwise requested, we would normally use the Taupo Crematorium which offers some advantage in cost and efficiency.

Ashes are returned from the Crematorium to our premises usually within 24 hours of the Cremation. We are happy to discuss suitable arrangements for their final disposition or to help you carry out your wishes. 

We recognise each Funeral as a unique and individual event and will help you to choose options that allow you to tailor a service to meet your needs. Choices and options are explained so that you have full control over the nature of the service.